Temasek Junior College Alumni Association
By Denis Tan Follow | Public

Temasek Junior College was built in 1976 as the second government junior college in Singapore and commenced functioning as a centre for pre-university education in January 1977.

In its 33-year history, under the dynamic leadership of its 7 principals, together with a capable and enthusiastic staff fraternity Temasek Junior College has grown to be a place with a rich history. Mainly due to its batch of graduands through the course of years.

As the college strives to groom and nurture the thinkers, leaders and trailblazers of tomorrow, it can take comfort and pride that the many who have walked through its gates yesterday are now the men and women of today, leading and making their mark in society, contributing in diverse fields and making a difference.

Temasek Junior College Alumni exists to foster closer relations between the college and her graduands and also to promote social, cultural and recreational activities among its members.

So if you have been wearing that distinctive Green uniform and are part of Temasek Junior College's history, you are still a true TJCian.

The Temasek Junior College Alumni is available for ALL former students of the College. Timely communication, an awareness of what is happening at the college and fellowship with former alumni all are privileges of membership in the TJC Alumni.